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The Louisiana Insurance Center Blog: workers compensation insurance

View the latest blog posts from The Louisiana Insurance Center.

When the time comes to buy workers’ compensation insurance, many business owners struggle. This is a complex form of insurance. Yet, it is also one of the most important types for you to have. What makes it more complex are the details. Knowing what type of benefits a policy offers is challenging. READ MORE >>

One of the biggest jobs you have as a restaurant owner or manager is keeping your employees and space safe. This means minimizing risk as much as possible. The best way to do this is with a comprehensive risk management plan. Here's how to create one in your restaurant and keep injuries and claims at bay. READ MORE >>

Chronic pain is a condition that debilitates those who suffer from it. It may make it hard for you to be mobile. You may find that work tasks are hard to complete. You may even be unable to get through the day without the use of pain medications. In some cases, workers' compensation covers your treatment and care for chronic pain. READ MORE >>

Most of us need sight to be able to do our jobs. Thus, should an accident at work cause an eye injury, we stand to lose out. We might qualify for a workers' compensation claim as a result. If you are a business owner, think about how to protect employees from these risks. READ MORE >>

Many small business owners have questions about what workers' compensation insurance is. They also wonder why they need it. Simply put, this coverage is an important way to protect employees. Generally, the law also requires it. Here is a brief overview of what worker’s compensation insurance covers and why it matters to you. READ MORE >>

Most companies do what they can to keep workers safe on the job. You have rules and policies to help do this. You spend a great deal of time with training programs. Still, nearly every company will have some accidents and injuries over time. However, the reason behind them is very important to understand. READ MORE >>

Even if a company doesn’t mean to, its working environment could lead to harm to an employee. Among injury risks common to most businesses is the slip and fall risk. Should an employee slip and fall during the course of their duties, they may qualify for workers’ compensation. READ MORE >>

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